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ASP Course Example Scripts
Please try simple scripts first!
*   Simple ASPs - Interactive pages *   File ASPs - Save info in a file!
*   Databases - Webify your database! *   Working ASP Projects

Please try out these ASP scripts.
Once you are familiar with these examples, you might to to DOWNLOAD
them, and install them on your own PC or development web server.

  A) Simple ASPs and State     SHOW ME!  
The simplest ASP pages make web pages more 'interactive', respond to form input, and pass information between forms. This is where you are introduced to 'common navigation' (using Server Side Includes), the calendar, the hit counter and the ad rotator.

More importantly, you will learn to construct HTML forms (web forms), and self calling ASP pages. A major challenge lies in maintaining state between forms. We can solve this problem in this in a number of ways : with hidden variables, cookies or session variables.  

  B) File Handling     SHOW ME!  

More sophisticated ASP scripts keep a record of the 'interaction' with a user. Typically, this involves writing a cookie on the user's browser, or saving information to a file. Typical examples include guest books, where people leave comments or opinions, bulletin boards, where people chat or share experiences, and surveys and questionnaires.

(None of this is new - older tools like Perl and new rivals PHP and JSP have superior file handling facilities to ASP.)

C) Database Integration     SHOW ME!  

The most useful feature of ASP is its close integration with relational databases. As ASP supports the ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) standard, we can build a web interface to any database that supports ODBC.

(Note that all web scripting languages offer similar database connectivity, with ODBC interfaces for PHP, Perl, Coldfusion and JSP.)

We use some familiar, hopefully interesting examples : Books, CDs, Music and Students. Information is stored in a number of related tables in a single database.
Please try adding your favourite artists and records!
(We have had some strange ones so far ...)

Download the Sample Scripts!  

  • The samples are contained in a self extracting ZIP archive. To download the samples, right click on the file, choose 'Save As' and save to c:\asp or similar. Open the file aspsamp.exe in Windows Explorer or DOS.
  • ASP scripts and databases ( Zip Compressed, 93K)
  • Please refer to the Course Material for instructions for setting up an ODBC (database) connection